CelesTEAl Chakra CBD Tea

CelesTEAl by AngelBaby

CelesTEAl Chakra CBD Tea

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If you are feeling a chakra block, try implementing a tea ritual into your daily routine with one of our chakra blends. Each blend was handpicked for its ingredients and their ability to heal and balance chakras to allow us to live our best lives. 

Choose your flavor:
Overstimulated - Frustrated, Headaches/migraines, Spiritual superiority
Balanced - Blissful, Enlightened, Connected
Understimulated - Disconnected, Lack of purpose, Uninspired

Overstimulated - Mental fog, Overly analytical, Judgmental
Balanced - Open, Self-fulfilled, Self-aware
Understimulated - Undisciplined, Fear of success, Anxious

Overstimulated - Addictive, Overly talkative, Self-righteous
Balanced - Centered, Eloquent, Spiritual
Understimulated - Inconsistent, Unreliable, Nervous

Overstimulated - Critical, Moody, Hyper-tension
Balanced - Loving, Disciplined, Balanced
Understimulated - Paranoid, Indecisive, Unworthy

Overstimulated - Demanding, Perfectionist, Over-stimulated
Balanced - Relaxed, Spontaneous, Confident
Understimulated - Self-destructive, Poor digestion, Insecure

Overstimulated - Aggressive, Manipulative, Over-sexual
Balanced - Creative, Optimistic, Intuative
Understimulated - Emotional, Infertility, Timid

Overstimulated - Egotistical, Domineering, Greedy
Balanced - Grounded, Abundant, Peaceful
Understimulated - Disorganized, Restless, Angry

Each tea bag contains 15 mg of hemp and 2.2gm of tea made from organic, non-GMO, and vegan ingredients and is made of plant-derived biodegradable materials. Grown and packed in the USA. 

Each bag brews 3 cups.